Attic Ventilation

We offer attic ventilation in St. George, Utah, and the surrounding areas. This as an easy upgrade to your roof that can increase its lifespan and lower your energy bills through the proper ventilation of heat and moisture.

As heat builds up in an attic, your air conditioner needs to work harder to keep your building cooler. This means higher energy bills costs for your home or business. Believe it or not, if the temperature in your attic gets too high it can bake your asphalt shingles and cause them to warp. Ventilating your attic will also keep moisture from accumulating there. Without ventilation, moisture can degrade the structure of the roof and can eventually lead to mold.

Ventilation is important to the integrity of your roof system, no matter the temperature or time of year. During the warmer months, ventilation will pull the warm air out of the attic cooling your home and helping to keep moisture from forming. During the winter, ventilation helps keep the temperature of the roof low, which can prevent ice dams.

Is your roof properly ventilated? Most are not and our team of roofers can help. If you would like to learn more and get an estimate from David Coello, call Black Rock Roofing at 435-522-8281 today.

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