Roof Maintenance in Washington County, UT

If you are like most homeowners, the last time you were on or even close to your roof was when you put up or took down your Christmas lights. Beyond that, chances are you do not spend too much time up there. But the truth is that your roof is no different than any other part of your house, your yard or even your car. It needs regular maintenance to make sure that is structurally sound, free of debris or clutter and that any repairs are done.

At Black Rock Roofing, we provide roof maintenance in St George, Utah, and the surrounding areas. We will check the valleys and dead valleys of your roof and remove mud, leaves and debris so that the water can flow and drain properly. We will also take the time to check the caulk and sealing around pipe jacks, antennas, flashing and brick stacks.

Regular maintenance visits can detect and mitigate small problems or potential problems before they become larger and more expensive to address. For example, if the roof is damaged or leaks are not discovered, water penetration can result in mildew and mold, which can damage your home and cause health hazards.

These visits can extend the effective life of your roof and help you avoid replacing it before its time. Keeping your roof in good shape can keep your home properly insulated. This can reduce the loss of heat or prevent the need to run your air conditioner excessively. To schedule an appointment with David Coello and our roofing team for maintenance call 435-522-8281 today.

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