TPO-Flat Roofing (Thermoplastic Polyolefin)

Depending on the purpose and the size of the location of your building, you may want to consider using a flat roof. From a cost perspective, they are very budget-friendly, and installation generally takes less time and effort than a pitched roof. They are also easier to access for inspection and repairs. A flat roof is also very versatile. A flat roof is the perfect spot for solar panels, satellite dishes or air conditioners. In the case of a residence, that space can be used for as a place for outdoor relaxation or even a garden.

David Coello and the roofing team at Black Rock Roofing offer flat roofing in St. George, Utah, and the surrounding areas, using a 60-millimeter layer of thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) to cover the roof. This is a single level of synthetic material and the seams are welded together instead of glued so that the seams in your cover have less of a chance of separating. The TPO material is white which helps reflect heat and keeps the building itself cooler. This material actually exceeds EPA requirements for energy efficiency.

If you are considering adding or replacing a flat roof for your home or business, we would be happy to provide you with an estimate and tell you more about the TPO process. Call our office today at 435-522-8281 and we will be happy to set up your appointment.

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